Water Control Systems – When Are They Appropriate?

Where waterproofing will solve all causes of basement seepage, water control systems can work well in limited situations:

  • Some homes have leakage along interior walls.
  • Some properties have limited access to the original foundation, due to additions.
  • Split level homes, that leak along the wall next to the upper level will have to rely on an interior system.
  • Other times financial considerations factor into the decision to waterproof or install a water control system.

If your situation dictates an interior water control system, Integrity will install it at a fair price. This industry overcharges for what is a relatively easy and low cost material and labor job.

We will not install a water control system if the walls are cracking or moving. Opening the floor eliminates lateral support and will hasten wall failure.

If your objective is dry walls, we will not install an inside system.

If seepage occurs where the floor and the wall meet or up through floor cracks and your situation dictates that you are unable to waterproof, then we will install the best water control system available, at a fair price.

Water Control Systems, Done with Integrity

Install drain tilesThe Integrity process begins with opening the floor and installing drain tiles. We always use Schedule 35 perforated PVC. Tiles are then placed next to the foundation footer.
Water collects in a sub-floor crockThe drain tile gravity feeds invasive water to a crock, which houses a submersible pump. In keeping with our philosophy of always using highest quality materials, we use a Barnes cast-iron pump, a quiet and long-lasting unit.
Dimpled membrane barrier between drain tile and new floorWe next install a dimpled membrane water barrier between drain tile and floor. With this simple step, Integrity Waterproofing solves the #1 complaint about interior water control: dampness.
Gravel alone does not provide a moisture barrier.Other companies place gravel between drain tile and floor. Without a better barrier, moisture wicks through the porous floor into your basement. This is why system companies routinely try to sell you a device to deal with the extra humidity this approach creates.
Sealed cannister lid seals against moisture and radon gasIntegrity uses a sealed cannister lid, preventing water from evaporating into your basement from the collection crock and eliminating the thread of radon gas entering your home through the opening.
Waterproof wall panels protect and beautifyMany of our customers choose to beautify their basement, and provide an additional barrier, by having us install waterproofing panels.
Glidden family mansionA special thank-you to Virginia Foley, granddaughter of Francis Glidden, founder of The Glidden Paint Company, for allowing us to publish these pictures; but also and especially for trusting Integrity Waterproofing to protect her beautiful historic home.